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                    Five Oaks Aviary is now retired.  We are no longer raising birds.  

Five Oaks Aviary is a long time, hobby breeder of exotic birds. Our babies are hand fed and hand tamed by us in our loving home as a part of our family so they will be great additions to your family.

Our babies are weaned on their schedule; not ours, allowed to fully fledge, are well  socialized, healthy, friendly, and playful. We allow our babies to tell us when they prefer the other foods provided to them over the hand feeding formula. We feel it makes for a more secure and mentally happy baby.

We are disease free and keep a closed aviary. Pet quality birds are our number one goal.  A wise bird owner understands the importance of starting with a healthy bird. Five Oaks Aviary warrants at the time of purchase, the bird purchased is in good health. See our health guarantee for more information.

We currently have  a variety of breeding birds which include the following: Mini Macaws, African Grey's, and a variety of Conures.  Each of our breeder pair are a part of our family and well loved and cared for.

Check out the "Birds We Raise" pages for a complete listing of the exact species we are currently breeding, or click on the listings above to take you directly to that page.

Our website is a work in progress and we still have a lot to add to this new design and site.  Since neither of us are “computer wizards”; it is a little slower process for us as we learn and add things to our website.  Please be patient.  We hope it to be worth the wait.

We will ship birds at the buyers expense, weather permitting. Airline shipping is the only method of shipping we use (Will Rogers World Airport). We use Delta Airlines. We will also meet to deliver your new family member to you in and around the OKC area.


                                                                                                                                               Last Updated: May 28 2023